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Evezr Curved Edge Wide Jaw Nail Clippers Cut All Thick And Tough Toenails.

Evezr Curved Edge Wide Jaw Nail Clippers Cut All Thick And Tough Toenails.

Evezr top quality CURVED EDGE extra wide jaw opening 15mm nail clipper is perfect for cutting thick and tough toenails or fingernails.

We use high quality alloy coated stainless steel to provide a premium feel and to also increase the durability for long and vigorous use. The stainless steel material also maintain quality and sharpness.

The Problem : Most nail clippers do not open wide enough to cut thick and tough nails. 

The Solution : Evezr Wide Jaw Nail Clippers opens up to 15mm to cut all thick and tough toenails or fingernails. 

Evezr super sharp wide jaw clipper cuts through any thick, tough toenails or fingernails and is easy to use with minimal pressure on your fingers.

Our nail clippers feature a specialized lever assembled together to reduce pressure when cutting hard nails while maintaining grip and control. The ergonomic design is easy to manage and ensures smooth and accurate cut.


For best practices we suggest nails be soaked in warm water to prevent splitting and also to soften.
  • Extreme care should be taken when clipping nails. This clipper is very accurate and sharp. Nails should be clipped in small pieces. It is not recommended to cut entire surface of nail in one clip.
  • Nail clippers opening should be positioned on the same level as nails when clipping. Do not position nail clipper above nails when cutting.
If you are not able to safely use this sharp, wide jaw clipper it's best to seek assistance when cutting nails.
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All orders are shipped from our offices in the U.S. We normally ship on the same an order is placed or the next business day.


These high quality Wide Jaw Nail Clippers can open up to 15mm which makes them perfect for thick nails.

The all new lever system reduces pressure on fingers when cutting thick and tough nails.


Our premium stainless steel Wide Jaw Heavy Duty Nail Clipper is the perfect essential for both fingernails and toenails.

This is a great product overall and is the ideal companion for both home use and travel.


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